Sharing Scientific and Career Development Thoughts with Students of the UPR-Ponce Campus

Recently shared some thoughts with students of the UPR-PRISE Program

During this past week (January 24th and 26th, 2019), the UPR-PRISE (University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus’s Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) invited me to share some scientific and career thoughts with the students of the program. On Januarty 24th, 2019, I presented a seminar addressing how data analytics can... [Read More]

Agenda to limit science contribution to air pollution standards

EPA plans to replace the current expert advisory committee with a smaller group lacking experts in individual pollutants

Air pollutants, as very well-explained in this link (click here) by National Geographic, are barely visible, come from different chemical origins (i.e. biological and non-biological) and sources (e.g gas-combustion, indoor daily activities, industries, disturbance of vegetation, etc), and pose numerous human health hazards. Among the consequences of exposure to different... [Read More]